HOW The Rock’s Hercules movie doing on BOX OFFICE????

ticket-for-lucy-01Hercules-2014-Movie-Wallpaper No matter how fast you run, no matter how far you go, the beast will follow. Man cannot escape his fate, Hercules.” as the script says “Lucy” has become the beast to follow and slay the “Hercules“.                                   Lucy (UNI), 3,173 theaters / 3-day cume: $43.9M / Per screen average: $13,835 / Wk 1,  Hercules (MGM/PAR), 3,595 theaters / 3-day cume: $29.8M / Per screen: $8,289 / Wk 1      This was three days ago and it seems “Lucy” is overpowered “Hercules” at the Box office. It’s a biggest achievement in actress  Scarlett Johanssons’ career as “Lucy” ranked to be her largest non-Marvel opening since 2009  “He’s Just Not That Into You” ($27.8 million). 

This was a one of a kind role for Most electrifying man, The great one, The Rock Dwayne Douglas Johnson as it was latest historical character he faced. Another finest direction of Brett Ratner as we hope the best.



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