If You Had a WISH That Comes True


If you had a WISH that comes true what would you wish for?

Think well as you wish,
Be the richest human on earth
Be the Mr.President
To have newest vehicle
To be a Celebrity

Or ask your self,
Can you spend that one worthy wish on someone else?
Do you have a heart of gold? or a heart that cold?

After all those questions and answers DID YOU KNOW,
There are Six million children dying all over the world every year because of hunger.


Even we don’t have everything, but we HAVE something. We need to know that there are people who even doesn’t have the something that we have.

Some can donate things while some can’t but there is a one thing that everyone can donate and that is a WISH.

Wish that they can live one more day, wish that they can be happy, wish that they won’t cry for on second, WISH THAT THEY WILL BE LIKE US.

I’m very sorry because today’s the day that I realized it. Hope you will see it too.Thankyou.            

For more info visit: http://freethoughtblogs.com/taslima/2012/06/21/six-million-children-die-of-hunger-every-year/


2 thoughts on “If You Had a WISH That Comes True

  1. I definitely would NOT wish to be the President. That has to be the most stressful and underappreciated job in the world. Everyone is always second-guessing you and criticizing you, no matter what you do, all the while millions of lives are in your hands. And it doesn’t even pay that well, either. No thanks.


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