Dog and The Wrong Tree

There is a saying “Dog barks up to the wrong Tree” 

If there were a Dog and a Tree.
I know I’m barking up to the wrong Tree,

but as a dog,
Since the day I was born I’ve seen many trees,
Tall trees, Short trees, Fat trees and expensive trees,
But so far You (tree) are the most perfect,
I know you may be older than Me,
Even after my death You’ll be still here,
So just know that I’m a dog, who wants precious to be mine,
So I talked to you for months,
still there is no answer,
You are just the way I first saw you,
I’m not angry nor tired,
I’ll talk to you for the rest of my life,
Till the day I dies and become Fertiliser to you to grow Stronger in this World,
Remember, I love you for everything you have.


DREAMS? Will Come True?


I can feel the cool breeze. I can smell the bloomed flowers. View of sceneries I have never seen. I can guess I’m in the right place, finally the Village.
I’m walking through the gravel road while wondering about what’ll be my next novel. As I walking through, strange ideas keep coming  one after another,
“Should be fun and adventurous like Ramona & Beezus?”
“Should be interesting like Matthew McConaughey: Killer Joe?”
“Should be about friendly love like Friends with Benefits?” I guess not, something different?


“Dreams” suddenly came to my mind as I look at the blue endless sky. Everyone can have dreams? What if there is someone without a dream? What he or she would feel like? Is there anyone? Where?
While talking to my self I have walked about 1/2 mile. I can hear loud noises. Coming from left side of the road. Cheering? Screaming? Laughing? Crying? I can’t see.


Playing children, will I join them? Will they like me?
I stoped worrying for a moment and asked them “can I join you”. “Sure” they said while smiling. We played about a hour, I can see a child sitting on a tree branch alone, not far from where we were playing.


I slowly walked to him and asked “Why don’t you join with them?” I didn’t get an answer right away. He looked very pale and surprised. “It’s okay, don’t be afraid” I said, because I thought he might have a illness or some sort of problem. After few minutes of silence he answered, “They don’t like to play with me”. “Why? Is there a special reason?” I asked because I was concerned. “I think it’s because I’m an orphan” he said with a sorrowful face. I started to thinking about it. “Why? Orphan?”, “How can I know his feelings?”, It looks like bit more complicated than I can imagine. I slowly climbed the tree and sat next to him. I need to talk with him, but I’m concerned I might make him to feel worse, “If you’re not playing, how do you spend time alone?” I finally asked. He looked at my face, and started to think, “I’m dreaming” he said with a smile. “Dreaming? About what?” I asked because I was curious. “It’s a secret” he said after few minutes. “It’s fun, isn’t it? Dreaming?” I said because I felt bit disappointed. “Yes, I can dream about anything I want” while he speaks his smile gets brighter and brighter.


This kid is interesting but I’m a bit late, I need to find a place to stay tonight. “I have to go now kid lets meet again some time” I said while getting down the tree. “I will be here everyday, sir” said the child. “Keep dreaming” I said as I turned in to the road. “Don’t you want to know what is my dream?” Child said while climbing to the closest branch to me. “What is it? I’ll keep your secret” my curiosity grew even more. “My dream is to be like Martin Luther King” Child said with a low voice. “That’s magnificent, so you want to be a leader of protecting civil rights?” I asked because I was impressed by this little fellow. “No” he said as I reach back to the gravel road. “No? Then why do you want be like Martin Luther King?” I asked. Child brightly smiled at me and said “So I can say to the world that I also have a Dream”

If You Had a WISH That Comes True


If you had a WISH that comes true what would you wish for?

Think well as you wish,
Be the richest human on earth
Be the Mr.President
To have newest vehicle
To be a Celebrity

Or ask your self,
Can you spend that one worthy wish on someone else?
Do you have a heart of gold? or a heart that cold?

After all those questions and answers DID YOU KNOW,
There are Six million children dying all over the world every year because of hunger.


Even we don’t have everything, but we HAVE something. We need to know that there are people who even doesn’t have the something that we have.

Some can donate things while some can’t but there is a one thing that everyone can donate and that is a WISH.

Wish that they can live one more day, wish that they can be happy, wish that they won’t cry for on second, WISH THAT THEY WILL BE LIKE US.

I’m very sorry because today’s the day that I realized it. Hope you will see it too.Thankyou.            

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Up Coming Movies This Month (part 1)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

Teenage_Mutant_Ninja_Turtles_film_July_2014_poster                                                                                                      Rated as PG-13, Release date will be 8th of August 2014

Nickelodeon Movies, Paramount Pictures, Platinum Dunes Brings you this month science-fiction action filled movie directed by Jonathan Liebesman and based on the franchise of the same Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics from the year 1984. 

Once again Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles join forces with a fearless reporter to save New York from Shredder and his evil minions.

Pete Ploszek as LeonardoJohnny Knoxville as the voice of LeonardoAlan Ritchson as RaphaelNoel Fisher as MichelangeloJeremy Howard as Donatello, Megan Fox as reporter April O’NeilWilliam Fichtner as Shredder and Danny Woodburn as Master Splinter will be the cast of this new movie.


Step Up All In (2014)

Step_Up_All_In_poster                                                                                                     Rated as PG-13, Duration 1 hr 52 min, Release date will be 8th of August 2014

Lionsgate, Summit Entertainment and Offspring Entertainment Production Company bringing you this months excitement of a true lifetime competition “Step Up All In” directed by Trish sie.

All the star from previous Step Up get together as a team in glittering Las Vegas for a battle to achieve their dreams and their careers.

Ryan Guzman, Briana Evigan, Stephen `tWitch’ Boss, Misha Gabriel, Izabella MikoAlyson Stoner, Adam Sevani , Mari Koda, will be the cast of this movie. 




Guardians of the Galaxy this months ADVENTURE!!!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Rated as PG-13 and Duration is 2 hr 1 min. Released on 1st of August.

Walt Disney distributors brings you Science fiction, Adventure and Action filled movie this month. Marvel The Avengers assemble as a new team, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and all The Avengers known as “Guardians of the Galaxy“. 

This time it’s a truly universal adventure with more action for the viewers. Director James Gunn  used the most attractive cast as usual when Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Batista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, and Karen Gillan join the crew. Enjoy this month adventure seekers.    

Kids are hard. Marriage after kids is harder.

Interesting…..It’s true but hard to accept as a child.

My husband and I were brilliant communicators before we had children. I don’t just mean talking about mindless drivel over a pint or five. I mean discussing as in depth as was humanly possible about what our lives together would look like through every eventuality.

We discussed everything about making living together work, making the finances work, splitting up chores, making a marriage work, making everything fair. We even discussed what our divorce might look like. Just in case.

Young, carefree, childless and in love Young, carefree, childless and in love

As if we were following some cliché storyline, we fell pregnant; then came the biggest discussions of all. We covered everything we could possibly think of on how we would make it work; what our expectations were of each other as parents, what our expectations of ourselves would be as parents. We meticulously picked apart our childhoods to take the good and dump the bad. We were ready. We…

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The Grudge: On the Journey of Writing Memoir

Is still You are YOU??? I’m me, nice to meet you.

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

By Allison K Williams

Words on the page.

I am still married. My friend is still my friend. My lover is still my lover, and then he is not. Scroll up, and we are paying bills, or shopping, or sneaking around. Scroll down, we are fighting, or consoling each other on unhappy affairs, or breaking up over another woman. Zoom out, past the glow of the screen and my fingers on the keyboard, and all of it’s gone. I am in another life.

Now, I sort out themes and carefully choose incidents for a better sense of tension—tension! My God, there was tension!—my temporal continuity notes in all-caps, places to fill in more details highlighted yellow, the color of cowardice. I stall on a section for days, I don’t want to go there. I write forward instead, discover what should be in the past, what is missing from the path…

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